Stay Safe Protect Bucks Sign

As from the 15th June all non-essential retail business can open again. It is critical that measures are put in place to enable safe social distancing by shops.   Business should ensure they are following Government guidance and displaying the required COVID risk assessment certification: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5eb97021d3bf7f5d43765cbf/stayingcovid-19-secure-accessible.pdf

Businesses are asked to ensure that:

  • Queues outside shops/premise form with the flow of pedestrian traffic.
  • The queue outside their shop/premise has markings laid out and it is managed; the shop/premise is responsible for their queue outside of the entrance to the building
  • Customers are asked to leave shops going with the flow of pedestrian traffic
  • Queues do not block the entrance of an adjoining shop or make it difficult for patrons of adjoining shops to socially distance.  Businesses should collaborate with each other and develop approaches that support neighbours and adjacent shops.
  • The ‘end’ of the queue is signed/marked on the ground, clearly telling public not to queue past this point.
  • Queuing should be clearly marked on the ground to ensure that members of the public queue the appropriate distances apart from one another and so queues do not interfere with pedestrian flow.  The Council can provide pavements stickers for this upon request.
  • Where possible, doors and entryways into businesses should be left open during business hours to prevent the need for customers to touch door handles.

For further information or queries on these guidelines please contact: reopening@buckinghamshire.gov.uk