Thank you to residents, shop owners and Cllrs who attended the flooding meeting and gave your comments.

For too many years the village has been brought to a standstill by flooding, which continues to bring with it overflow from the mains sewage system.

Its NOT a situation we are prepared to tolerate any longer. The fact that it happens in many other communities across the country is little consolation. Your parish council has been in extensive correspondence  with Thames Water over many years – without sensible assurances that they have agreed plans to remedy the sewage problem we need to ratchet up the complaints and protests.

There are essentially two issues, both separate and inter twined

There is the problem of constant flooding; largely a sign of weather changes, partially a clear signal that you cannot continue to build on green field sites, especially close to the bottom of a valley in a village centre, – you are removing acres of Greenfield land which could otherwise absorb much of the natural rainfall

Worse though is the issue of raw sewage – nothing gets people’s backs up more than raw sewage swilling around their doorsteps. We should not be living in conditions which would be a disgrace in many parts of the Third World.  It is a combination of excessive rainwater, and broken mains sewer that results in the raw sewage issue.

We need to work as a team to find a resolution to these problems

No solution will be quick so we will look to Buckinghamshire Council for all the remedial help they can provide, whether it be improved and speedier highways management, the provision of free sandbags and better signage.

We do need your help. It is becoming clear this may be a numbers game. The more homes are registered as affected by flood water and sewage, the more the argument stacks up that TW needs to act sooner rather than later

Every Household, Every Business, that has been affected by flooding , sewage or not, needs to register with Thames Water, using the contact details >

Please use the website for up dates which we will publish at every step of the way.

Contact Details for complaints


Email: customerservices@thameswater.co.uk
Tweet: @thameswater (include a photo if poss)
Letter: Sarah Bentley (CEO), cc Ian Marchant (Chairman) and John Morea (Non-exec Director)
Thames Water,
Clear Water Court,
Vaster Road,

Flooding Flyer (v3)