Cllr Sharad Jha

Sharad Kumar Jha

Name :  Cllr Sharad Kumar Jha

Ward: Gold Hill Ward

Address: TBA

Link to Cllr Jha’s Declaration of Interests – 2021

Email: sharadc4@yahoo.com

Mr. Sharad Kumar Jha has been living in the village for nearly seven years now. Blessed with identical twin daughters, studying at Dr. Challoners High School and wife Anita is a computer engineer.

Sharad Kumar Jha is a  professional with multi dimensional skills, dealing with the backbone of any nation and its people. He has been in various roles: Director of two companies, a prominent Public Relations Consultant, Business Development, Global Advisor for various organizations and a Conservative Diversity Champion. He has been Vice Chair of Governors Primary Education.

He has done a lot of work in Linguistics and promoting diverse languages of the world. A famous poet with many writings, which have been published in different languages. Various Corporate Positions in Human Resource Management and also associated with different charities, communities, nationally & internationally. A highly respected motivational speaker on any subject, with passion towards creating culinary delights, health & fitness and Public Relations. He has given talks in the British Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords) and various international forums.

British Politics: Sharad has been a conservative member for a long time, has been attending meetings regularly, done campaigning and also an enthusiastic aspirant for different political positions, with heartfelt feelings for the nation, British values and improving life chances.

Working for best upkeep of the village, having love for its flora and fauna and being positive towards the well being of its residents has always been his zeal.


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