Saint Peter’s Memorial Garden


Situated in Church Lane this ‘parcel of land containing One rood and twenty seven perches’ was given in 1866 by John Nembhard Hibbert of Chalfont Park to the ancient Parish Church for a burial ground. In the 1970s the old burial ground was conveyed to Chalfont St Peter Parish Council to preserve and maintain

This large, open, beautiful space with grass, old venerable trees, shrubs and ancient headstones relocated to the boundary fence still has charm but has seen a decline over the years; but a new exciting phase is afoot.  The Parish Council along with the community groups within the village are seeking to restore the old burial ground to its former grace and bring it back into the community.

Fortunately, English churchyards are alive with flora and fauna that might struggle to survive elsewhere so close to a village and we will be working to enhance what is already there and build an even greener space.

We will be working to provide a fitting memorial garden for The Fallen (including two Victoria Cross recipients); and bringing to light those magical stories of people who lived and died in our village.

This will be a space to find rest in a quiet and green setting both for all villagers and all visitors to the village.   This garden will provide a unique and much needed addition for community use and for enhanced tourism along the Misbourne Valley.

It is a stop on the village’s heritage plaque walk.